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Highly renowned company engaged in manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of Plain Labels, which are applied in various industries. These Pre Printed Labels are processed using a mixture of quality raw materials, the most advanced machines and under the supervision of well-qualified and experienced professionals. Our reliable and durable Fabric Labels are successfully catering customers' needs and meeting international quality norms.

We are well-known manufacturer and supplier of Security Labels, which are used for Anti-counterfeiting, Brand protection, tamper-evident seals, etc. These combine a number of overt and covert features to make reproduction difficult. Applications of security printing, Holography, Embossing, Bar Codes, RFID, custom printing, weak (or weakened) backings, etc. is common. These are used for authentication, theft reduction, and protection against counterfeit and are commonly used on ID cards, credit cards, packaging, and products from CDs to electronics to clothing.

Our company offers Plain Labels for industrial and retail customers in varied sizes and materials for specific applications. If your labels are to be overprinted, please advise us the model of reference of your printers.

These Pre-Printed Labels have predesigned legends and are ready for immediate applications. In this section, customers will find Labels that we print and ship to you within 72 hours, including full color labels and sticker.

Permanent identification of products by a Label is common. These Labels need to be able to bond securely to the surface for its intended life and under in-use conditions such as a label on an automobile engine needs to be resistant to the heat and oils encountered and to be secure for many years of application.

Removable product labels need to hold until they must be removed. For example, a Label on a new refrigerator has installation and usage information. The label needs to be able to be removed cleanly and easily from the unit once installed. An eco-label is used on consumer products (including foods) to identify products that may be less damaging to the environment and/or to humankind than other related products.

When it comes to custom label design and proofs, we, at India Labels offer customers a variety of options. If your artwork is ready, use our easy artwork upload feature. If you don't have a design but are ready to create one, choose our online Label design tools to create a Label in your browser. If you prefer to work with a graphic designer, our label design experts are standing by to help.

Our Barcode Labels are made ensure 100% acabbubg, which can be generated in various codes according to the needs and requirement of the clients. In a same way, Barcode Stickers are used on polylos and as carton stickers can be made in various die cut shapes. The background colour for the Barcode scan is white and the color of printing is black. However, darker shades of blue & green also serve various scan purposes. Every Barcode is checked for scanability at the start & end of the jobs. The packaging is also done as per the requirements of the clients, usually in a quantity of 500 pcs per roll. The Barcode Labels that we offer are of varied sizes.

Width: 1¼" to 3" (12MM to 75MM)
Length: ½" to 10" (12MM to 254MM)

We always deliver the consignments in 3-4 days. However at times of urgencies, we arrange part of the material within 12-24 hrs also.

Highly known label producing company, India Labels manufactures and supplies quality price marking labels offering an endless choice of colours, adhesives, & sizes to satisfy every demand. Our wave-edged labels are available to fit all price markers, they can be tamperproof &/or personalized with preprinting in any colour.

  •   Our labels are made of best quality.
  •   Permanent adhesive suitable for all applications.
  •   Removable adhesive is weaker than the permanent adhesive and this makes it easier to remove the label.
  •   It is ideal for gift shops, stationary shops, drugstores, etc.
  •   An unlimited choice of colours, from prime colours to fluorescents, gives you the possibility of labeling effectively.